Tuesday, October 9, 2012


When asked, who’s your fave style icon. The insanely stylish, CHRISTINE CENTENERA who else? 

What I like most about Christine’s style is that it appears effortless; she looks comfortable and chic. There’s too many “icons” out there that think sexy should be what you keep in mind when designing your ensemble for the day and all it looks like to me is “I tried real hard, can you tell?”  I am a huge fan of doing boyfriend outfits with a feminine twist and this girl does them all the time and throws in a touch of sexy pumps. Her shoe collection is beyond enviable. I could just keep going. My fixation extends into the way she pairs strong lines and shaping with loose flowy free formless fabric --the perfect combo.

Her style is recognized among some of the biggest fashion blogs on the daily. You can find her on the Satorialist’s blog quite often. AND in case you have been wondering where the inspiration for Kim K’s new jaw-dropping style is coming from, Christine! My obsession with Christine made me a little upset when Kim’s fans/followers decided to remark about how amazing KIM'S choice of clothing is. No no honeys it was Christine.

Many of us in the U.S. just think all the goods are in Europe and NY. Christine’s actually from Australia, which if you haven’t yet realized is a prevailing scene of some of the best fashions right now. She’s the fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar Australia, freelances as a stylist in her spare time and she recently paired with Kanye West to design his line.  Yepp Kanye did very well choosing only the best. As long as Christines around his line will definitely leave a mark in the fashion world.



  1. I totally love her for the same reasons she never looks overdone which I absolutely LOOOOOOVE!!! great post!


  2. She is great!
    I cant't get enough of her style!